Give More. Live More. Be More.

Be More Collection is a collection of Beauty, Style & Creative Business Development. 

Be More Clothing Collection is a scholarship based collection that gives back to women who are pursuing a creative career. Whether a photographer, culinary arts major, hairstylist, artist, florist or a makeup artist we want to encourage women EVERYWHERE to go after their dreams by using their talents to create a lucrative business that can support them fully. 


Be More Beauty Collection is a collection of our must have hair products along with Skin Care, Make Up & Beauty business opportunities through SeneGence Int'l ! We share our products, along with tips & tricks, to enhance natural beauty, consolidate time. We strive to help women take their best selves into the world with confidence to own their lives! 


Be More Dream Coaching is one on one small business or passion project consulting with MsTara Brooke, owner of the Be More Brand! In person, online, or over the phone consultations help creatives & dreamers take their ideas to the next level & expand their horizons. Accountability, encouragement & direction can be found through our Be More Dream Coaching.




Started Be More Collection as a collection of clothing in May of 2015 after, while single, she found out she was expecting her first child. She wanted to follow her fashion inspired dreams in a hope to inspire her daughter to one day to follow her own passions. In the spring of 2016 she added to the collection and opened a small natural light studio in Provo, UT. This doubled as a space to grow the Be More Collection, host creative workshops & for creatives to film or photograph their vision in the natural light space. A year later she took a leap and, with help of her business partner, took on Be More Creative Studios, a space for local creatives to rent & utilize a natural light studio, host large events & have a creative workspace. She now offers Dream Coaching, where she helps clients starting their own passion projects or dream businesses with one on one consulting. She hopes that through sharing her passion & going after her dreams, she can inspire & connect other creators to do whatever it takes to never stop dreaming and to strive to build their own empires.



10% of every purchase from the Be More Collection goes into a scholarship fund that goes to ambassadors who are actively pursuing a creative career. Your clothing or beauty purchase today helps a woman get one step closer to her dreams.