I’m Kathy. The woman obsessed with trying to build the …

I’m Kathy. The woman obsessed with trying to build the perfect wardrobe.

What you will find on here: My obsessive determination to build myself the perfect wardrobe. I log my daily outfits on my Instagram. In this series I attempt to put together the perfect travel capsule wardrobe for each person based on style, colour palettes and preferred brands. These capsules then get posted to Pinterest where they get 5 million monthly views across the boards. Weekends are for Weekly Reads and Finds, where I share any good articles, and sales/shopping finds that I have come across that week.

I am not a photographer and as a stay at home mom who spends a huge part of her day homeschooling her two children I don’t have a lot of extra time to take pictures. The snapshots of my life are actual snapshots that are quickly taken while we are running around or running out the door. While you won’t get beautiful photography on here you will get the real me, and my promise maintain that realness with you.


You can reach me at hello@bemorecollection.com