Tan is the new black


24 hours after tan


Enjoy natural bronze even skintone

Summer is quickly approaching and my skin is still white as snow!! To take the edge off the transparency of my skin I have been applying my Self- Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk from SeneGence weekly!! I have been a spray tan artist for 8 years & have applied SO many of my tanning tips to my self tanning routine!! Check out my fail proof Self Tanning how to's below!!


How to evenly apply your sunless tanner: Gently exfoliate skin in the shower with a scrub or exfoliating gloves. Spray evenly onto clean dry skin. Product comes out clear so make sure to cover all areas of skin! Avoid using lotions directly before and after tan! The color will absorb best into dry skin. Buff/ blend with tanning mitt for even color (I LOVE this mitt here)! Wait 8 hours to shower. Product will deepen in color overtime! 


Will I smell funny? The coconut milk has a light scent that you will notice, but compared to other tanners it is mild and sweet. 

What do I do if I am splotchy or over tan? Using Hand Sanitizer on tanned skin can help remove unwanted color. Gently apply and buff skin with a towel to encourage tan to dissolve. Repeat until tan has been removed (it make take 2-3 application and buffing to remove). You can repeat the tanning instructions above to reapply, or to maintain the color you want be sure to hydrate your skin after hand sanitizer for keep skin healthy. 

How do I keep my tan fresh? keep skin hydrated after your tan to keep it fresh & bright. Avoid scrubbing your skin when showering, this can cause patchy tanning. Avoid chlorine, and hot water, shower in warm not hot water! Hot tubs & hand sanitizer will ZAP your tan away. 

WHY use sunless tanners? UV rays are harmful for the skin for many reasons. Premature skin aging is directly linked to sun exposure, along with skin cancer. Always protect your skin, because it protects YOU every day! Using sunless tanners can make you look and feel like you've been sun bathing without the harmful side affects. 


Order your Self Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk

Tell the DJ turn it up.

If you guys are ANYTHING like me some days motivation is laaaaacking and I need a little pick me up to get me going!! I have found that MY best pick me ups include a killer beat, some next level harmonies, or a falcetto that will bring you to your knees with praise!


Here is a little peek into what are we jammin these days! 

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For ma Boss Bishes

Sluff it off and continue on your way

Let's talk skin ma babes!

We are all emerging from our winter hibernations & Spring is  officially upon us! This means warmer weather, and SUNSHINE!! Can I get a "Hell YEAH!!"?! Skin is going through a fun transition as the seasons are changing and you may start to notice the skin care routine you've been cultivating over the winter month's just isn't doing what it needs to be doing! 

Everyone's skin is different!

What?! Obviously. We can't always be lumped into one skin type based on surface skin ailments!! Oily, Dry, Normal, Combination skin just scratches the surface of "skin types" If you're anything like me different zones of you face are different skin types! HOW DO WE KEEP UP? Many of us have product on product on product to help solve one issue on your facial zone to find new in a new zone! We could talk for hours and hour about each skin type, what means what, what zone flair ups mean what, but what works for one, may not work for another!! What's a girl to do?! 

Don't worry my babes, I am here to offer a few tips for having healthy skin that can apply to all types & then if you REALLY want to get into what YOUR skin needs I've got this lil questionnaire that you can help us find a remedy for YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS! 

I have been an esthetician for over 10 years and I have seen A LOT of skin struggles, and had many of my own!  I have found all of these things to ring true for most babes struggling with skin ailments! 

Less is more:

If you are using more than 5 products combating a specific struggle, pull back! Spot/zone treat areas that are giving you trouble and give those other skin cells a little break. 

Sluff it off and continue on your way: 

Exfoliate weekly. If you aren't exfoliating currently add it into your weekly regimine & sluff off those already dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator. If you are exfoliating daily, STOP RIGHT NOW and put the scrub DOWN! Over exfoliation can create more damage and can make skin worse off.  Exfoliate at night & keep it to 2-3 times a week. Exfoliate at night to give your new skin cells a clear canvas to regenerate makeup and outside pollution free! 

Exfoliators I love: SeneGence Facial Resurfacer (mature, coarse stubborn skin, message me to order) Clairisonic Cleansing Brush (Use with your daily face cleanser), SeneGence Polishing Exfoliator (all skin types including sensitive skin, message me to order), 

Drink your damn Water:

Consuming half of your body weight in ounces of water daily will not only be good your the rest of your body but that pretty face of yours will GLOW! Dryness, breakouts and aging can occur when skin if dehydrated! The only way to combat dehydration is from the inside out, so put down that Diet Coke & grab a cup of water, no rly, right now. Your skin and your organs will thank you. 

Moisturize that mug:

Moisturize your skin DAILY! Always moisturize after cleaning skin. Ph levels in water can over dry skin from the surface! Use a moisturizer that caters to your skin type & texture! (Fill out this questionnaire for personal suggestions)

SPF is your BFF:

Yes we all love a golden glow, but how does your 40 year old self feel about all of that V difficult to correct photo damage you created? Wear your SPF Daily! Oh you're not headed into the sun today? Do you work by a window? Do you work under florescent lights? It's a cloudy day? Sorry to break it for you, but photo damage doesn't give an eff. Use protection my babes, every time. You never know what ray will be penetrating your skin! 

Now go and live your life confident in ANY skin you're living in! 


Tara Brooke 


January H&M Haul

I'm back at it with the shopping!! Went to H&M looking for Black Maternity Jeans & found SO MUCH MORE!! You all know I LOVE me a good deal, so all of these babies are on clearance (except one of my maternity pants!), so get them while you can! 

January ASOS Haul

I've taken a break with fashion posts around here, because well, I've been living in the same jeans and my husbands tee shirts for the last 2 months! Being 18 weeks pregnant I am finally in the, "Look at that baby bump" stage and not the "Wow, she let herself go after getting married" stage!!! I treated my self to a mini haul from ASOS after Christmas, in preparation for a conference I am going to in April for Senegence (my Be More Beauty Collection). I am VERY budget friendly when it comes to my wardrobe, I am not much of a closet repeater for tops & dresses, so I like to keep my price points below $35 for most pieces in my wardrobe, every now & again I splurge, but this ASOS Haul was a GOLD MINE!! I found every piece for UNDER $30!! Yes pregnant babes!! Cute, sassy AND affordable! Check out my haul below & let me know where YOU find your favorite Maternity pieces!! 


Fall chill with Evenflo


We are back at it!! Back on our walking the block!! It's starting to get chilly but the chill won't slow this little one down & with the help of Evenflo's Sibby Stroller system we are rolling in style & safety!! 


We've been getting Thanksgiving ready & packing for our California vacation & the Evenflo Sibby has been my constant companion for all things holiday planning!! We took it out on a stroll this afternoon & put the ride-along board to use!! 

We are so excited to have our KK join us for our first Thanksgiving all together in California! Bringing our Evenflo Sibby for our a Zoo trip is a no brainer with all of that bottom storage! And I am already planning our after Thanksgiving over eating with a stroll around the block.... or maybe a mile or two!! This little one is in for the long haul!! 


What fun plans do YOU all have for Thanksgiving?? Black Friday Shopping starting on Wednesday?? I am gathering up some AWESOME Black Friday goodies from us here at Be More & am so excited to share soon!! Happy Thanksgiving week & happy safe strolling babes! 

Thank you to Evenflo for sponsoring this post. 
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All Black EVERYTHING on Air with KSL

IMG_6850 (1).JPG

A few weeks ago I had the AWESOME opportunity to head on over to KSL studio 5 with Brooke Walker! They invited me to talk about something I am VERY Passionate about: ALL BLACK EVERYTHING! I got to style 5 different outfits that were all black & obviously I was ALL about it!! Check out my segment HERE!! I was FREAKING out! But somehow I made it through! MAJOR shoutout THANK YOU THANK YOU to my boss babe friends (Dressed in LaLa & RealityCheka) who let my feature their pieces!! And my girl ROBYN who is slaying the game with me with Be More Collection!! Watch for more TV segments coming sooooooon!! 


Oh how I've missed you lil blog. I've had so many changes, so many thoughts, feelings, struggles, blessings, and so much to tell you. I just haven't known where to start. So here I am back where it all began.

I stopped blogging for a while because I didn't feel it was worth my time. I positioned myself into a lot of projects, mostly just to fill a void I felt in my life created by choices by myself and others. With so many large, and hard to palette changes in my world I choose the only healing I knew. Ignorance. Now I will use this word in a different way than most, mostly because I don't know the real word for what I did. SO ignorance it shall be. I ignored my life. I placed projects and people in my life to ignore what was really going on in my world. I didn't want to believe that I had failed. So I chose to succeed. I felt completely out of control, so I took control. Control of the one thing I could, Me.

I took the hard things in my life, and put them out of my mind by staying mind numbingly busy. I worked tirelessly for myself, for friends, and on any and every project I could get my hands on. I stopped eating. I rarely slept.

I always mothered at my best. I couldn't control how my baby was always being loved and cared for. Who she spent her time with, although I sure tried, what she ate, how well she slept. But I could, and I still do when she is with me. Because along with all of the things I have done, and am doing, motherhood chose me and I make the conscious choice to give it my best every day.

9 months of mind numbing ignorance finally brought me to my knees January 1, 2017. Just 4 and a half short months ago. Sobbing uncontrollably on my kitchen floor I could no longer live in my ignorance.

January 31st I walked into a therapist's office for the first time in 4 years. I was ready to admit I was not who I knew I could be. Bi weekly sessions vocalizing what I chose to ignore for so long.

Clarity, security, closure, and growth.

The void no longer felt like a void. But rather freedom. Freedom from the lies I had deemed as truths. That my best wasn't good enough. That I wasn't enough. That I couldn't have it all. That my dreams were less than others. That my dreams were more than others.

February 21st I signed a 3 years lease to my dreams. Be More Creative Studios. A place that could help others, a place of love and solace. A place for cultivating creativity. A place of growth and security. A place where people could live out their dreams.

7 weeks of renovations, doubts, encouraging words, clear visions, and blurred intentions.

April 8th. With saw dust remaining on the floor, the doors to Be More Creative Studios opened.

A Bride and her Groom had their first look in my natural light studio for the first time. Love. Simultaneously the Be More Collection team with our photographer shot products for our Spring Looks. Creativity. My little queen ran around with my business partner & boyfriend as I oversaw everything. Growth & Security. Every dream I had came to life in that moment. Satisfaction, love, and validation ran through me. I was enough, my dream was someone else's dream & I could have it all.

Doubts are real. Self doubt is valid. The nights you spend feeling or being alone are preparing you for harder moments that you WILL endure. The potential you have is stronger than any hard moment, any loss you feel. Any void you have one day will be filled. Dare to follow that dream, walk away from the things holding you back, even if you think they are the only things keeping you together. Your strength will come from within. Find your clarity, create your security, fight for your closure, and the growth you will find will push you to things you never knew existed.

Photos: Cameron Kirby
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Warmer days have got us on the move.

Spring has sprung... and then unsprung, and then sprung again here in Utah!! But the Queen and I have been lucky the last few weeks to sneak in our FAVORITE activity on some of the warmer days!! We LOOOOOVE our walks!! It's no secret that I exist in a 5-7 block radius!! My Be More Collection office is currently 3 blocks from our home (with the move to our new HQ it will be 3.5). My current salon is only ONE block from where we are living & my healthy habit of Sodalicious is about 4 blocks away! So needless to say we do a LOT of walking!!

We just recently started using the Evenflo Pivot Travel Stroller & mommas, this thing is the business!! I wish we would have gotten it earlier because it has so many cool features!! The Queen is a full blown toddler now, and she insists on having both a sippy and snacks on walks, #diva (wonder where she gets it). The Evenflo Pivot has a detachable snack tray perfect for her lil baby hands to reach for snacks!

The seat transforms from a bassinet all the way to sitting up toddler seat, and the car seat can also be attached to the stroller!! WHERE WAS THIS FOR THE NEWBORN DAYS?! Am I right?

Alas, we are enjoying it's functionality, durability and lightweight frame & I am stoked for warmer days so I can really see what this baby (the stroller, not the actual baby) can do!! Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. And giving us the opportunity to see what Evenflo is all about! We are converted & can't wait to try other Evenflo products like this car seat we just got for outings with the babysitter! 

 All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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Take a walk down memory lane with me will you.... it's the Fall of 2014, I was just hired as a marketing assistant for a UT local clothing brand after being a freelance stylist and image consultant. I wanted experience, I wanted to work for a REAL company, I wanted a steady pay check.

Like most jobs, the first few months were full of the fun stuff, I was the assistant to the Marketing Director, so my job was THE FUN stuff! On set styling, pinning to Pinterest, email campaigns, instagraming, you know... the fun stuff! Fast forward a few months. Personal life: FINALLY launched my own clothing collection & passion project, Be More Collection. Found out I was pregnant (SURPRISE everyone, myself included)!! Work life: internal changes & restructuring. Promotion to Marketing Manager (aka salaried job with consistency & security).

My clothing collection has a HUGE passion behind it. That passion, is a need and a want to help others cultivate their creativity & promote a self sustaining life through their talents. That was the foundation it started on, and that is the foundation we continue to live on. If it doesn't cultivate creativity and passion, we ain't about it.

Back to my "Big Girl Job." As I mentioned, I was pregnant. Did I mention I was also working as a hairstylist 12-15 hours a week, on top of my 9-5 "Big Girl Job"? Oh, and "running" my own online clothing collection on top of that? What can I say, I'm a workaholic.

While working at this big girl job I was able to expand my network and meet some incredibly talented people. I was able to cultivate relationships with these people & offer unsolicited advice, as I often do (if we have every had a hair party, you've been "blessed" with my soap box). I was telling these babes to go after their dreams no matter the cost. I was trying to invoke the potential I saw in these individuals & push them toward their path of greatness! Here I was sitting behind a desk 9-5 marketing for a company I was not fully invested in, preaching passion and greatness, while I was hiding behind my own. Wah, wah, wah.

As my pregnancy progressed I had some decisions to make. I knew I would take a maternity leave, I also knew I wanted to work after having my baby (cue workaholic tendencies). I also knew I had A BABY to take care of, and I, with my then circumstances, was not in a position to stay home for long. Decisions, decisions.

After a mind numbing day of "working for the man" I knew I couldn't preach with out my practice any longer. I sat down, crunched all of the numbers I could find, I consulted with my baby's dad, and decided it was time to PRACTICE WHAT I WAS PREACHING.

I didn't know how I was going to do it, all I knew is I was going to do it. I was going to create a self sustaining life through my talents. I was going to be the mission statement of my own passion project. I was going to be an example to the people I was encouraging. So, 3 weeks before I had my baby girl, I quit my "Big Girl Job" and went full force freelance & hairstyling again. 

15 months later (and a TON of hustle, like holy holy, the hustle is real) I am embarking on the most INSANE venture I ever have taken on. I am taking a HUGE leap of faith on this new project, I've made my plan, I've crunched all of the numbers and I am practicing what I am preaching (bout time, am I right?!)! I am diving in head first, and I want you to dive in with me.

If you're ready to life your life, I want to help you to stop waiting for the right time, and to create the right time! Slide into my email (it sounds way better when you say DM's, but like, we will take what we have), tell me your dreams, tell me your passions and let me preach to you & let me help show you the goodness & potential you have and cultivate the talents you posses.

Can't wait to Be More with you. {bemorecollection@gmail.com}

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Be More, Boomr & Bri Ray

Be More, Boomr App & Bri Ray (say that 3 times fast)!!

Back in October Be More teamed up with Boomr App & Survive Designs for a Breast Cancer Research event & I had the pleasure of meeting The Bri Ray & hearing her perform live for the first time! Being very immersed in the music world here in Provo, as all of my friends are talented musicians I thought to myself, holy cow, this girl has got it where did she come from?! Bri has been singing since she was 8 & started performing shortly after that! Be More, as many of you know, is my clothing collection that is scholarship based & gives back to women who are pursuing a creative career. We want to empower women to pursue careers based off of their talents & we LOVE that Bri is doing JUST THAT! Bri is getting ready to drop a single (this week) & will be debuting it LIVE at Velour Music Gallery in Provo, Ut on Saturday Nov 26th! She will be headlining the show and will be preceded by other female artists including Be More's first sponsored artist, Ashley Hess. The night will be jam packed with some serious Girl Power!

I was able to chat a little bit about Bri's upcoming single with the girl herself and get the inside scoop! "Never There" is taken from some of her personal experience & is about a bad relationship where feelings were make believe and the love she thought she was sharing was.. well, never there! We've all been there girl, we've all been there! It's musical roots definitely give you the pop soul feel! With her inspiration coming from powerhouse voices like Adele & Sam Smith & soulful runs like Tori Kelly & Alicia Keys she will be leaving us with all of the feels!! If you happened to watch the last season of American Idol, she may already be a familiar face! We talked a bit about her experience there & she shared that appreciated her experience and has seen how it has refined her as an artist! If there is one thing she stands by, it is her individuality & her determination to always be true to herself, her music & her beliefs. Preach girl!!

Along with dropping her single Wednesday she will be sharing a music video to accompany it! Bri filmed her video with the Boomr App creative team & has been working closely with their marketing team to share her music with the world! Boomr App is an up and coming social media app that will be making it's own debut before 2016 ends, so watch for more exciting things with them!!

Bri & I also got to play dress up & snapped some pics showcasing new pieces from Be More Clothing Collection! Check those out below!!

Make sure you check out Bri Ray & buy her single "Never There" Wednesday!! And if you're local come hang with me and the Queen at her show Saturday Nov 26th at Velour! Watch out world Bri Ray is here & she is about to take over!

Find Bri Ray

Photos: Ashley Rae 

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Zippide do da

This week has been something else! It feels like an eternity since I was on vacation in San Diego visting family & supporting my girlfriend at the We Society Event! I have had a complete change of vision and new out look on so many things after leaving "real life" for a few days! I am working on something new and i am nervous to share it with you all, but also everything I learned over my vaca is making it just a liiiiitle easier to put it out there! Something I will explain when the time is right! Anyway, like i said, this week was crazy. So many opportunities have been open to me recently and I have been able to find some resolve in my personal life and damn it feels good to be me again! I have been working on the Be More brand like whooooooa lately & I hired an assistant (in addition to my intern_ to turn up the heat! We have some deals going to Jane.com this week & this top is one of them! I am a sucker for stripe tops, like, I have a problem. But I mean, I need them all. You get it. I know you do! Sneak on over to Jane and grab one of these tops, this is the White with Black striped one! It comes in 3 colors, with two black and white stripe options, and yes, they are different. swears. Okay well off to finish another FUN project! Happy Monday! xoxox

tara: top: be more collection for jane.com // neck scarf: be more collection // pants: target // shoes: musse & cloud
q: top: h&m sold out  // shorts: target (diy cut offs) // sneakers: c/o famous footwear // bow: everly avenue

photos: shleeeeee
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I can see clearly now

I can see clearly now. Okay so the title of this post can be a little deceiving. Am I meaning literally, or figuratively? Well, both! I've attached some cutie little pictures of my new glasses from glassesshop.com which I love love love. But thats not really why I am here. I am here because I've been promising my side of the story for far far far too long. 

Where do I begin? In an effort to not place blame or throw anyone under any buses (Regina George went through that for us) for anything they've said or done I will do my best to keep this as positive and constructive as I can. With that said, why am I here? I am here to share my hurt & my struggle to hopefully help someone who may be struggling with something similar. I am here to share how I turned my situation into an opportunity for growth. 

If you have followed my social media for a while you will know that I was in an on again off again relationship with my baby's dad for a long long time... 3.5 years, but who's really counting? oh me, that's who. We ended our relationship briefly after I gave birth to our perfect little baby! He initiated the end of our relationship because he felt we deserved more than what we had together. That was insane amounts of hard for me to hear, I am the kind of girl who will stay in something & stick it out no matter how hard it may be. And I will give it my all to a fault. Was he right that we had run our course? He was, and I knew then and there when things were ending that it was what needed to happen. That didn't make it any easier, especially as I was stepping into the role of motherhood for the first time. And i was TERRIFIED to do it alone. This new role seemed quite impossible to figure out without the constant support and encouragement of someone who was, in my naive opinion, supposed to be there by my side no matter how hard things were. I will not discredit my baby's dad for his efforts, he did what he felt was his best. Unfortunately, to be frank, his best wasn't good enough for me. This is probably what the main catalyst of our ending our life together was, I always needed more than I was given & I felt that translated in my need as a mother as well. 

Months passed & we began getting into a co-parenting groove while still living together (we both agreed that being with our Q for the day to day was important for her and for us to continue to build our relationship with her in her infant state). Just as I felt things were in a smooth easy groove there it was, the truth I had known for a very very long time smacking me right in the face via text. While my baby's dad & I were not together, there was a sense of family that I felt was there as we shared our lives together. Things that were agreed upon when we ended things, yet decided to continue to live together, seemed logical & easy for me to keep on my end. Unfortunately as hard as you try to keep your "family" intact things change, people change and they move on and situations change. 

When you have an idea of what your life is supposed to look like and someone else comes into your world to change that idea & to change it's course, it can seem like THE worst thing that could ever happen to you. Losing "MY family," having it break apart in a way that I did not expect and with factors that seemed almost impossible to forgive seemed like something I could not get over. Like ever. I was mad, okay, I was irate. I felt betrayed, I felt stupid, but mostly I was worried. I was worried that my baby wasn't going to have a functioning family. I let that tear me apart for a very very long time. I was sad that I lost my person. I was hurt & pissed at myself for trusting people in my life to hold up their end of our friendship. I talked, and I talked a lot. I shared my frustrations of my situation with anyone who would hear it. I took my feelings to the internet. I said terrible mean things. I cried, a lot. I put blame where it was not intended. I worked a lot. I stopped eating. Yep, I was so upset I was physically ill & could not stomach much of anything. Months of back and forth with this mess, that I helped perpetuate, tore me apart. It continued to tear my now non functioning family apart. I lost so much more than this family I wanted so badly. I lost my life. This thing consumed me, it changed me. While I was in the thick of it I became someone I never even knew I could be. I always did my best to take responsibility for my wrong doings, for the things I said and for the people I often purposefully hurt. I figured if I would hurt anyone involved should get to feel what I felt. I realize now how selfish I was. 

After the dust settled, and we all took a step back and took the space we needed, and we all made efforts in healing, things became so clear. At least for me. Sometimes you need to go through the fire of hell and get burned (so many damn times) to become refined. I realize now how miserable I let myself be. I let myself be this miserable by holding on to something that wasn't real. I had this idea of what a family should be. I was so hard on myself for not being able to give my baby a functioning family with a loving mom & dad. But as hard & different as it is, we are a family. Love in this family is not shared by a mom and a dad. Instead all the love we've got is channeled to that perfect baby we share. 

I said this changed me, and boy, it did. I went from someone who I thought was strong enough to face anything, to someone I never wanted to be, and now I am someone I can be proud of again. So how in the literal hell did I do it?? Honestly, I don't even know, I just did. I applied a few of the following things to my situation and found my way out.

 You are stronger than you think you are. You will be faced with things you never imagined, things you do not think you can face & survive. Your struggles are preparing you for even harder times. The thing you consider the hardest to face will most likely not be the hardest thing you will endure. All of our struggles are preparing us to make it through harder things. You are stronger than you know, do not let the person you are become a person you don't want to be. Do not let your struggles define you.

 Be patient with yourself, you are doing your best. Even if your best feels like your worst give yourself credit, and give yourself time, healing sometimes comes slowly. DO not rush your progress. Take it one step at a time. 

Be Honest
Be honest with yourself. What do you want? why do you want it? is this worth it? and is this ultimately what you want your life to be? Sometimes we know the truth but are too afraid to admit it, even to ourselves. Ask yourself these questions in whatever situation you are currently in & BE HONEST with yourself.

 Silence is golden they say, idk who they are but they are on to something. Sometimes keeping the hurt and anger you have to yourself is the hardest thing you can do. Find someone you can trust and confide in. Talking your mouth off will not help your situation (I'm living proof), it may help you feel justified (it did) and help you to get it out in the moment, but in the end talking, unless it is to the person who you feel said way about isn't constructive. If you don't have something nice to say, definitely don't say it on the internet. 

 Forgiveness is hard, I am still working on this one. I have a different approach to this one than many would. There is a saying, "forgive & forget." Well I don't entirely agree with this statement. Forgiveness is important & it is mostly for your benefit, when you forgive someone who hurt you, you are able to let go of the hard and hurtful feelings you have. I do not think forgetting is necessary, under one condition, use the remembrance of what was done to you to NEVER let anyone, yourself included, hurt you in that way again. Use it as a tool to build more strength. 

 Something I wish I would have adapted to this situation as it was unfolding is perspective. I was very caught up in how was affected, how I was treated, and did not choose to acknowledge that I wasn't the only one with a story. Taking on the perspective of someone who is involved in your struggle can help you gain clarity. Clarity of intention. There are 3 sides to every story, yours, theirs, and what actually happened. Keep that in mind. 

 If you situation continues to hurt you and you feel there is no way out. Make a way out. We all have a choice, no one is forcing you to stay in your situation. No matter how involved you think you may be, you always always have a choice to move on. Get yourself out of the hurt that is around you. Do everything you can to move on from your situation. Get up and walk away. Whatever that means to you, know that you have the strength to move on.

Now what? Now I move on with my life, the way I should have so long ago. Now I will demand more of that I need and more of what I deserve from everyone in my life. I will continue to work hard to provide and support for my baby & I will do my very best to coparent in a positive way. All I want is for my baby to know her parents have a mutual respect each other, and that we love her so damn much and that's what I am striving for moving forward. I am stronger than I was before, I will continue to be strong, I will be an example of hard work and a strong confident woman so my baby will learn how to do the same. I will strive to be a peacemaker in my home & I will do my best to trust those who haven't earned it.

Mic Drop 

dress: cotton on // shoes: c/o famous footwear // glasses: c/o glasses shop  // backpack: forever 21 similar // choker: be more collection

photos: shleeeeeeee

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Walk the Walk

So if you ever frequent Downtown Provo you've probably seen this girl and her stroller. It's ME! No but really, I am always walking around this little town! Usually to Sodalicious... okay always to Sodalicious. I started walking a lot when the Queen was about 5 months, she was waking up regularly at 7am & I was not about that life, but like whatcha gonna do?! So we walked.. and walked and walked and walked (get it?).  We started walking 1 mile a day, then 2 miles a day & then before I knew it we were walking 4-6 miles a day. Who had I become? For 2 straight months I would walk miles on miles with my baby. As summer came in hot (getit?!) we started walking less and swimming more. Boy did I miss it!! I am sooooo excited that with Fall here the mornings are getting chillier and the days have a freshness about them! We are back at it with my City Select Stroller because it is the freaking best, so versatile. I can legit turn her around to see me when I need a Queen fix (which is basically always) and it fold up super easy. I know my little is excited too! To say the Queen loves walks is an understatement! If you don't believe me you've never seen my snap chat. She is literally me. She is nosey, she has a staring problem and she lives to be outside. oh, and she loves french fries. So there you have it! If you need us we will be strolling the streets in style. Say hi if you see us, but don't honk bc I can't handle honkers. ya feel?

top: be more collection // pants: asos // boots: mindy mae's market // stroller: city select

pictures: shleeee
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Rock Your Body....Suit

Oh Heeeeeeey there! It's HUMPDAY! The week is half way over and I feel like I've already taken over the world. So you know that's like reeeeal good. Many of you know I own a clothing collection called Be More & I have been busting my buns working on growing it the past couple of months like reeeeeally bustin & I am so excited for all of the awesomeness coming with it! Something that is important to me with the brand is not only providing on trend affordable pieces but being able to give back! I am working on a project with a few different influencers and we are so excited because we will be giving 100% of the proceeds of this project to our scholarship fund! SOOOOO excited! So yeah, anyway that's something to watch for! If you want to be apart of the project send me a lil email to heygirlhey@bemorecollection.com & i'll give you the dets! Also exciting..... these Body Suits from Be More! I love them so much! I legit feel like I am wearing a onesie and that I match the Queen like 100. So maybe check them out?! & get a good ol discount for my HUMPDAY sale! bc why the hell not. Scroll to the end of the post to get the code. 

take 30% off your be more collection order with code humpday

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Walking to running in 10 months flat

Happy 10 months to The Queen. what in the literal hell. How? How is she so big? she is 10 months going on 20 I swear. Her newest trick is walking. She took interest in walking holding both of your hands starting at 7 months. yes, before she was even crawling I was convinced she would just skip crawling all together, but she still enjoys a good crawl. At about 9.5 months she started taking one or two steps and then gave up. 2 weeks later the girl wants to walk 500 miles. (get it?!) She is the funnest little angel and the happiest human i know. seriously she is always happy. how is she mine? idk. That's a fun update on The Queen! As for me I have just been busy doing whatever it is i do. Working and bossing people around. I'd say I am quite good at it. I am finally feeling like ME again! and its about freaking time. Postpartum is almost at a year, i've lost my baby weight (praise) and I am finally enjoying getting dressed again. I am loving all of the fall trends & I am excited that I will be bringing you more! And more of The Queen's style along with awesome things from Be More! So so so many things. If you've followed my instagram you know some video's are coming! Hold on to your seats for those. My personal life is about to get real public & vulnerability is at an all time high. So stay tuned for that, but until then, check out my first fall look featuring the Play Ball Cap from my Be More Collection. NOW on Jane.com!! 

top: cotton on // pants: asos // shoes: Adidad Neo c/o famous footwear // hat: c/o be more collection on jane.com // 
top: c/o june & january // shorts (cut from jeans & diy frayed): target // shoes: c/o famous footwear //  bow: c/o everly avenue

photos: shleeee

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Life's Messes & a $250 Sam's Club Giveaway

Life with a baby is........ in one word, messy. I never in my wildest dreams imagined the messes I would clean up from having a tiny infant human. From milk to toys, from poop on my carpet (that's the realest stuff there is) to crumbs in the car seat. Life with a baby is messy business. While I am all about those baby wipes, sometimes you need something a little stronger & a little softer to get the job done. Puff's Plus with Lotion is my newest go to product. I've got a box in my car, my office (everyday is take your kid to work day when you're a working mom!), the stroller, baaasically in ev.er.ry room in the house & always on the go. Where there is a baby, there is a mess & these tissues are there to come to my rescue! Thankfully the Puffs Plus with lotion now comes in a 10 pack that you can pick up at Sam's Club! Why have 1 when you really need 10, am I right?! Q and I went for a little picnic this week and these Puffs Plus with Lotion saved me as there was a major milk malfunction *cue milk faced baby* Then BAM, just as we were packing up this cutie threw up all over our picnic blanket & these tissues came to the rescue! Sorry about your blanket Shleeee ;). All in all I'm stoked to have found this awesome product and for such a great deal at SAM's Club. Join me and Sam's Club for a $250 giveaway?? Click on this link >>>> Puffs Plus Lotion  & enter to WIN now!!

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Girls Night In & a $400 Room Make Over Giveaway

Last weekend I was able to get together with a few girlfriends for a fun Girls Night In! I have been working on healthy eating & I thought I would put my skills to the test on my girls! I wanted to set the mood, so I set up some Enbrighten Café Lights by Jasco! They have recently been released & I was so impressed at how easy they were to install. I hate putting holes with nails in my walls and they are light enough to just use a push pin for support! My little Q joined us for dinner & she was completely enamored by the lights! I was worried about her grabbing for them, but the LED lighting doesn't make the bulbs hot at all! So grab away little one, grab away! Also when I was setting up I had a little slip up & the lights completely fell out of my hand & hit the ground, I was ready for a shattered bulb and an inconvenient clean up, but NOPE! These things hit & no breakage, oh how I love the durability. Once every thing was set up the ladies showed up & we had a great time catching up & eating great (if I do say so myself) food! The Enbrighten Cafe Lights were just what we needed to set the mood! I would be lying if I said they weren't still in my kitchen. Who knows, they may become a permanent fixture! Enbrighten your life & enter to win a $400 Room or Patio Makeover! Follow the link here >>> Cafe Lights Giveaway

Cafe Lights: By Jasco

Make Sure to enter the  Cafe Lights Giveaway HERE!

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Mama's Bliss

Hey blogging world! Long time no see! I have been so busy with opening my new photography studio, taking clients at my salon, rebuilding the Be More site, making changes to the NEW Miss Tara Brooke (coming soon), and not to mention keeping up with my 5 month old baby!! 5 MONTHS?! What the hack, how did this happen?? This little miss of mine is trying to hard to be a big girl!! She is getting close to wanting to sit up on her own, so thank heaven for Mama's Bliss Nursing pillows! So, if you follow my instagram, you may know my struggle with breastfeeding. I tried and tried, but baby girl was starving all the time, so I started supplementing with formula (best choice of her life) and around 8 weeks I called it quits on breastfeeding and my baby girl is a formula eating machine!! With that said we still love using our Mama's Bliss Nursing Pillow to help Q learn how to sit up, and for tummy time! We love the pillow so much! It is a microfiber pillow so it forms comfortably for baby with plenty of support! It comes with this CUTE red mini heart cover for the baby ladies (we all know how I feel about too much pink) and it also has 2 other covers as well, a light blue & a pale yellow. The covers are so incredibly soft, I kind of want one for my own pillow!!

she is trying people..... she is trying.

Pillow: c/o Mama's Bliss | Q's Jumper: c/o June & January

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Denim Days ft Tuck & Elle

I don't think I will ever be sick of matching my little! We were hanging out at gurus (like we do a lot) and we were rockin' our favorite denim pieces last week & this little babe was all smiles! We've been in serious spring prep, and I have been spring cleaning like crazy lately! I spent most of last week cleaning out my closet & as Q is quickly growing & we've been cleaning out her closet as well! I'm getting our closet shop ready for some serious shopping for you guys! I love shopping and repping small these days so a lot of what we are growing out of we've had some serious love for but it has only minimal wear! One of my favorite shops for Q's style is Tuck & Elle! They just launched their Spring line this week & we are giving away $20 to their shop on Instagram today! So make sure you're following & turn on notifications so you don't miss a thing!

Top: c/o Be More | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Similar Here | Hat: Similar Here

Q Style: Top: Old Navy | Leggings: c/o Tuck & Elle | Sandals: Old Navy 

Photos: Ashley Rae
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