January ASOS Haul

I've taken a break with fashion posts around here, because well, I've been living in the same jeans and my husbands tee shirts for the last 2 months! Being 18 weeks pregnant I am finally in the, "Look at that baby bump" stage and not the "Wow, she let herself go after getting married" stage!!! I treated my self to a mini haul from ASOS after Christmas, in preparation for a conference I am going to in April for Senegence (my Be More Beauty Collection). I am VERY budget friendly when it comes to my wardrobe, I am not much of a closet repeater for tops & dresses, so I like to keep my price points below $35 for most pieces in my wardrobe, every now & again I splurge, but this ASOS Haul was a GOLD MINE!! I found every piece for UNDER $30!! Yes pregnant babes!! Cute, sassy AND affordable! Check out my haul below & let me know where YOU find your favorite Maternity pieces!!